Join Our Community of Economic Development Practitioners

The association welcomes applications for membership from all economic development practitioners.

Membership fees of $50 for an individual and $100 for an organisation have been established. Organisational membership provides for anyone employed by or a part of that organisation, regardless of size, to enjoy the benefits of being part of the network. For example, if you work in a local council, you can pay $50 and join as an individual. However, if you encourage the council itself to join for $100, you will receive membership rates for the workshops and events and access to our resources and so will all other people in the organisation.

About Us

EDN will not be centred on Sydney or other metropolitan areas. Tyranny of distance was identified as the number one stumbling block for previous attempts to establish a workable economic development practitioner’s network. New South Wales is just so large that it is impractical to set up one central location in which to hold events and/or conduct activities.

To overcome this, EDN will encourage the establishment of practitioner groups throughout New South Wales based on the twelve Regional Development Australia regions (or any other grouping which might be appropriate). To find out in which area you may be, just click this link RDA MAPS and then find your region using the colour key.

EDN plans to support events in these areas which will be hosted by the local organisations at minimum cost to members. 

We will encourage nonmembers to attend also so that they may come to appreciate the value of membership.


What We Do

We plan that apart from the occasional keynote speaker most events will involve the local NSW economic development practitioners as presenters – we believe that there is no one from whom to learn better than those who have succeeded already and especially those who have succeeded after initial setbacks or a very bumpy ride.

In return, we ask that you support us which can be as simple as participating in the workshops that we organise in your region so that we can ensure value for money at all times.

Click on the link below to join.

Once your membership is approved, you will receive an invoice via email from our accounts system which may be paid using a credit card.

Please note that we are in the process of changing our payments gateway and you may receive an interim invoice. This may be identified as it lacks our logo. If that occurs, please ignore it. The valid invoice will come to you from