How to re-activate your local centre post lockdown

Tuesday 9 November 2021 for 10 am to 10.30am

NSW has been through a tough 2 years with a series of lockdowns that have negatively impacted local business precincts. With NSW now opening up again, we explore how local councils can support their business community by safely re-activating local centres with events?

Economic Development Network NSW is pleased to invite Jeffrey Steins, Events Manager are City of Parramatta Council to discuss some examples of what Parramatta is doing with events to re-activate their LGA post-lockdown. He will also be sharing some event ideas that other councils might consider for their areas. This will be followed by some open Q&A and discussion.

Speaker Bio:

Jeffrey is an award winning Manager, Creative Producer and Coordinator of Events and Festivals with over 20 years experience. Jeff seeks to open audience minds and transform spaces and places so that the audience experience surprise, delight and wonder, that the everyday experience transforms to one awe and magic.

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